Are you a dog lover...

  . . . who wants to learn how to train dogs and teach others to train? 
  Are you short on knowledge and/or experience? 
  Where can a person gain the knowledge and experience needed?

There are a variety of training programs available, from intensive residential courses to video correspondence courses. Listed below are some of these schools. The choice you make will most likely be based on your needs and your personal circumstances.

Bear in mind that some schools give considerable hands-on practice in training and instructing in a practical way. These schools may prepare you more thoroughly than those which offer only written coursework and/or dog training lessons. To become a successful dog obedience instructor, you must have the ability to train people as well as dogs.

Part of NADOI’s mission is to help train competent instructors for dog obedience training classes. Our Provisional membership category exists to encourage, develop, and guide new instructors. Because we believe strongly that training new instructors is important, we would like to provide resources for those who want to become involved in this field.

Please remember that although these learning sources may provide you with a solid foundation in dog training and instructing, NADOI in no way implies or suggests that completion of these courses will guarantee your acceptance by NADOI either as a Certified or Provisional member. You must meet our minimum experience requirements for each membership category before you are qualified to take the exam.

Brenda Aloff's Virtual Training Academy. - Online courses, "The Engaged Dog" and "FUNdamentals - Instructor Certification Course with Brenda Aloff". Brenda Aloff is a NADOI member who is a popular author and seminar presenter.

Legacy Canine Behavior and Training, Inc. - Sequim, Washington.
Legacy president, Terry Ryan, is a NADOI member. Presenting residential behavior and training courses and instructor's courses with hands-on, practical experience.


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