Internet Discussion Lists

Discussion lists are a great way to both share your knowledge and add to your knowledge.

Obed Teach -  A Yahoo Groups discussion list for dog training instructors that is open to both members and non-members of NADOI. Membership includes those who teach household manners and puppy classes to those who offer competition classes, private lessons, and nationally and internationally recognized seminars and camps. While applicants need not have prior experience teaching people to train their dogs, they should have trained several dogs. New members and beginning instructors will be moderated. Tightly focused - not a lot of chat. An equal opportunity discussion list: all effective and humane training philosophies embraced.  Since 1995, migrated from the OU-Trumpkin (formerly reepicheep) servers in 2003. Click here to go to the Yahoo Groups Obed-Teach home page.

NADOI also has a discussion list that is open to members only. Topics include organizational issues in addition to dog training and instruction.

For those who are new to dog training, there are literally hundreds of dog training discussion lists. A few of them are:


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